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 [ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008

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Date d'inscription : 09/08/2008
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[ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008 Empty
MessageSujet: [ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008   [ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008 EmptyMar 13 Oct - 19:24

Citation :
Starting from today, my chabatake diary is taking a break.
Hello everyone. It’s Miura Haruma.
It’s been 5 months I’ve constantly updated my chabatake (Tea plantation) diary. This time it’s the last entry of「O~i Ocha」tea plantation diary for the year 2008 and I’m going to take a short break.
I want to thank everyone who continued reading this tea plantation blog.
Through this tea plantation diary I learned how the 「O~i Ocha 」is produced and how it’s delivered to everyone. How about you?
This fall I’m starring in a drama SP and a drama serial, my photo book will be released and there are a lot of chances to meet you, I’m looking forward to it.
So, until the day we meet again, I hope you’ll continue drinking「O~i Ocha 」and stay healthy and cheerful. I’ll also do my best!

[ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008 01_09_10
Thank you very much.

Citation :
It’s been a long time. Tea plantation diary; please take care of the winter edition as well.
Everyone. Long time no see. It’s Miura Haruma.
My tea plantation diary will reopen with the winter edition.
Winter is getting close at a rapid pace. Doing the recording for the drama, each day passed very quickly and I feel that the end of this year is approaching.
That’s why the mornings and the evenings will become very intense, so please be careful not to catch a cold.
With my tea plantation winter edition diary, I hope I’m able to warm up the reader’s heart just as much as the [お~いお茶 Hot」tea does. *laugh*
Please take care of me.

[ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008 08_12_10
I’m happy I could meet you again.

Citation :
I’m reading my script until late at night
Hello everyone. It’s Miura Haruma.
By the way, how do you spend the winter’s evening? Even though it was the final episode of the drama I’m starring in, I guess you’ve watched it. The first time I’ve heard about this drama offer was at the tea plantation in Miyazaki, where I was shooting the CM for [お~いお茶]. I was really surprised at that time.
By the way, regarding my way of spending the evening..Recently I spent every evening reading the script like a reference book. I memorized all the long sentences or difficult expressions several days before the actual filming.
I made a great effort in order to make this drama enjoyable for you! *laugh*
When I was memorizing the sentences I often got tired, but in such moments it’s the best to drink [お~いお茶] to relax.
Everyone, please try it out as well!

[ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008 25_12_10
Refreshment with [お~いお茶]!

Citation :
Bento with [お~いお茶]
Everyone, good morning!?
This is Miura Haruma, whose early drama recording at the location made him become a morning type. Though, sometimes there is even a meeting/set just before the sunrise, which is pretty stressful.
And after all, most important is the sanction against coldness. Especially when I had to wait at a outside location, I realized that it’s important to eat enough as a protection against cold. If you don’t eat enough, then you will feel the coldness even more.
That’s why I don’t leave over food of my lunch box at a location. If I become full this way, I drink warm [お~いお茶] as the culmination. It’s a nice ["Yeah, let’s do it!"]-feeling if the warmth goes throughout your body and starts the engine in your body isn’t it?

[ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008 30_12_10
I drank warm [お~いお茶] and could do my best.

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[ Blog Miura ] Septembre + Décembre 2008
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