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 [ Blog Miura ] Janvier-Février 2009

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MessageSujet: [ Blog Miura ] Janvier-Février 2009   Mar 13 Oct - 19:33

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Happy new year!
Everyone, happy new year! It’s Miura Haruma.
Finally 2009 has started. After all the beginning of a new year is to celebrate the hard work you’ve done during the whole last year. Me too, I also want to pass this year by doing my best in acting and studying (even more than last year), so I won’t regret the year 2009.
This March I’ll also graduate from senior high school, I feel like becoming an adult. It would be nice if I could show you a different Miura Haruma. So please look forward to it!
By the way, how do you plan to spend/pass this year? I pray that you will have a great year.
It has become last, but please take care of the different delicious「お~いお茶」as you do of the different me.

Let’s do our best this year too!

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The best for a cold season is warm green tea
Hello everyone. It’s Miura Haruma
It may be because of the daily coldness, but suddenly you yearn for warm things. Talking about warm things, it’s Nabe (*Japanese Hot Pot) after all.
There are a lot of different types of Nabe, but recently it seems that the Curry Nabe is very popular, I’m curious. I want to eat it too. Recently when I declared myself as "Nabe lover" a lot of people asked me about good Nabe restaurants. I don’t know that much though.
And then, after all, for cold days warm green tea is the best.
By the way, until the moment I appeared on Itoen’s CM , I thought that 「お~いお茶-hot」is only warmed up「お~いお茶」. But it doesn’t seem like that.
To value the taste and smell of hot 「お~いお茶」, special tea leafs and manufacturing method has to be done. In addition, a special PET bottle is used. Moreover it was Itoen who has developed this special bottle, I didn’t know that..
I really thought there is no difference, except for the orange cap.
In order to make delicious tea, the manufacturing method and the raw material seem to be very important. Furthermore even the container (bottle) seems to be vital.

Citation :
My health strategy is gargle, washing my hands and green tea.
Is everyone doing fine? It’s Miura Haruma.
The coldness the these days has become pretty severe, how is the condition of your body?
For this season, the most important thing is not to catch a cold and stay healthy. Especially for me, who wants to enjoy his last weeks as a senior high student to the fullest! I have to study (there are tests coming up), so there’s no time to catch a cold. Moreover If I’d catch a cold, the people at work would be troubled and that’s why I’m careful all year round, but this season needs special attention after all.
When I go to sleep, I make it as warm as possible, when going to a crowed place I’m wearing a mask and although there a many way to protect yourself, the basic is to wash your hands and gargle as soon as you’re at home. This is my habit. And drinking green tea is also one of my habits. I drink the tea because I believe it’s good for the body; The mind rules the body?
Everyone, please take care not to catch a cold!

When I come home, the first thing I do is washing my hands.

Citation :
This is the final entry, let’s meet again.
Hello everyone. It’s Miura Haruma.
The New Years’ greeting has been done not long ago...This blog actually started in last year’s spring. It has become the final entry already. Thank you very much for reading this blog up to that moment.
Even now, the spring’s green recall the Miyazaki tea plantation, thus thinking about this when I’m in Tokyo’s winter, surrounded by many buildings, it makes me wonder if one year is short or long, if Japan is small or big..I get this strange feeling.
Thinking about myself, I could spend each day of last year in a meaningful way. The tea leaf must grow up as I did as an actor. I think grew up in many respects.
This is the last entry of the tea plantation winter edition diary, but I’m looking forward to meet everyone again. Until this day, please drink 「お~いお茶」, stay healthy and enjoy every day.
I’ll also work harder than before to show you an energetic appearance in movies, in dramas, and in the stage play staring in June.
So, until the day we meet again, goodbye.

O-i, see you later!

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[ Blog Miura ] Janvier-Février 2009
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