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 [ Blog Miura ] Aot 2008

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Date d'inscription : 09/08/2008
Age : 27
Localisation : Halle/Saale, Germany

MessageSujet: [ Blog Miura ] Aot 2008   Mar 13 Oct - 18:43

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For a recovering, its the thick taste!*
Hello everyone. Its Miura Haruma.
The hot weather continues, but how are you?
I know that I have to hold it out But theres a moment where, no matter what, you just cant force yourself to do something.
At such a moment, I drink [お~いお茶 thick taste] .
[お~いお茶] is different. Its the powerful and deep taste which motivates you to do your best. On the contrary, if you want to relax you should drink [お~いお茶 thick taste]!

So at such a moment/day, drink the [お~いお茶] which is adjusted to your current mood.
Thats this summers recommended enjoyment by Miura Haruma! *laugh*

I tried to drink [お~いお茶 thick taste] like a man!

* "thick taste" is a product of itoen

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Proposed a toast to [お~いお茶] with the manager!
Hello everyone. Its Miura Haruma
Today was the day of the coverage continuation.
Coverage there is a different tension than at a drama and movie set. The things you answer in an interview are also different from saying the lines written in the script.
While thinking about that, today's coverage has ended safely too.
In the sense of freedom and completion, the tension in me goes up.

Under the impulse of the moment I proposed a toast to [お~いお茶] with my manager *laugh*
During the break (of the coverage), the manager sitting next to me and watched over me the whole time must have been as relived as I was.
While saying ["Good job~"] we both got very excited.
To be honest, I think the manager wanted to toast with beer, but Im still not 20 years old.
So its [お~いお茶] after all! *laugh*

The [お~いお茶] after the interview is the best!

By the way, my manager is a very shy person

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Jai vu un camion Itoen!
Salut tout le monde. Je suis Miura Haruma.
Normalement je ne devrais pas men soucier, mais pour une fois ca mintresse. Ny a-t-il pas des choses qui attirent votre attention ?
Rcemment jai vu un camion Itoen (le th) en ville. Jai le sentiment que jen vois vraiment souvent.
Bien sr, ils taient dj beaucoup avant que je ny prte attention!
Je pense que cela attire mon attention parce que ce nest plus laffaire de quelquun dautre. (rires)
Aujourdhui encore, jai vu un camion devant le distributeur automatique !
La bouteille de th apparat automatiquement en pressant un seul bouton du distributeur, mais cest lhomme qui doit mettre les bouteilles dans la machine.
Lavantage de boire quelque chose quand on le veut est ne dune telle accumulation rgulire, nest-ce pas ?
Je suis comme a aussi, mais il y a beaucoup de gens qui boivent Oi~ocha et qui ont limpression de revivre.
La saison de chaleur continue, mais sil vous plait, faites de votre mieux, pour chacun de nous.

Le camion au coin de la rue vient de Itoen!

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Discovery: [O~i Ocha] boiled rice * is delicious! (*Ochatsuke= adding tea to rice)
Hello Everyone. Its Miura Haruma
As the title implies, this time Ill introduce: [O~i Ocha]** boiled rice, which is my recommended menu of this summer!
Although I say so, its actually only adding [O~i Ocha] to rice! But its refreshing and tasty. Thats why its a good thing to make different Ochatsuke and enjoy it! For this season, "eel Ochatsuke" is perfect! I also heard that the "grilled rice balls Ochatsuke" is really fragrant!
I write this while thinking of other ideas. But if theres a day you dont have the appetite to eat it because of the heat, remember: the most important thing is that you enjoy eating it!
Please try it out!

[O~i Ocha] is also delicious when you eat it!

Citation :
Im in the middle of travel time
Hello Everyone. Its Miura Haruma.
It seems to be too early, but the summer holidays will end soon, won't they? This summer was really hot so I guess a lot of people drank 「O~i Ocha」!!
The recent me has many photo shoots these days and there are times I think "Ah, Im so tired~". As for our work, there are a lot of travel and waiting time. During times like these I immediately relax and refresh myself. It is an important trick of getting over busyness. For example when I drink 「O~i Ocha」during a car drive and when I see the scenery which flows outside the window I become so absent-minded.
Well, it often happens that I fall asleep as soon as Im in the car..but thats important as well! Soon the summer tiredness is at its peak.
But everyone can skilfully change ones mood with「O~i Ocha」! *laugh*
Although the summer holiday is coming to its end, please spend the remaining holidays with no regret!

Travel time is my important refreshing time.

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Me and 「O~i Ocha」and the vending machine
Hello everyone. Its Miura Haruma.
In one of my previous blog entries I mentioned about Itoen giving me some refreshment (he means that they gave him「O~i Ocha」bottles Very Happy) . Its not that I only drink the tea given to me, I often buy「O~i Ocha」when I go outside. In my case I prefer buying it from vending machine than from convenience stores. In my houses neighbourhood, or to the studio I often go, there has always been my favourite vending machine. *laugh*
This turns out to be a continuation of the entry about the truck, but Itoen has a business office in every region in Japan. From there the salesmen deliver the bottles to the vending machines and sell them to the stores. The reason why there is a business office in each region is to shorten the delivery channels in order to sell the tea as fresh as possible.
No matter where you buy [O~i Ocha], its always delicious! So when you travel to various places throughout Japan, youre relieved to know this arent you?!

It's a commemorative photography with a vending machine of Itoen.

VA : credits@LJ-calpis37
VF : credits@Elusiv
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[ Blog Miura ] Aot 2008
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